to form questions with when,where,why,and how,we use these pattern.

question word +auxiliary (do,have,etc) +subject +verb

when does the film start?

question word + be+ subject

when was the exam?

to form question with which and whose ,we use this pattern:

which /whose +noun+ auxiliary/be

which course is he taking?

whose coat is this?

we can also use a noun with what , with the same meaning as which:

what/which sports do you play?

we use when to ask about time .

we use where to ask bout places.

we use why to ask for a reason.

we use how to ask about a process or a series of actions or events that produce a certain result.

we use which or what with a plural noun to ask someone to specify when there are a number of possibilities .

Ex: which countries in Europe have you been to ? Italy, Spain , Germany.

we use whose to ask who owns something:

whose hat is this?

we use what to ask about things or actions .

we use who to ask about people.

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