an idiom is a phrase whit a meaning that is often difficult to understand by looking at the individual words . for example  it is not easy to guess the meaning of the idiom lose face but seeing it in context with help you to understand it

lose face be less respected or look stupid because of something you have done

example: He could lose face  if other people see that he got everything wrong

Turn a blind eye (to sth) pretend not to see or notice something,usually something bad

example:The teacher turn a blind eye to some of the children’s  bad behavior

Out of the blue: INF  suddenly and unexpected

example: my uncle just arrived out of the blue

In the distance: far away ,but able to seen or heard

example: we could see lights in the distance

With out fail: always

example:i ring my mother every day with out fail

IF all else fails:used to say what somebody can do if nothing else they have done is successful

example: If all else fails ,i will have to sell the car

Steer/stay clear of sth/sb : take care to avoid something or somebody because it or they may cause problem

example:i would stay clear of that place; it is not very safe

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